CHAC Mission Statement

The Canadian Hungarian Artists Collective (CHAC), founded in 2002, is a federally chartered nonprofit organization.  With its head office in Montreal, its current Canada-wide membership includes over 90 professional Hungarian descent artists and supporters of the arts. CHAC is committed to locating Hungarian descent professional artists in Canada and enhancing their careers.

Canadian-Hungarian Artists have made significant cultural contributions in Canada’s visual arts sector. Their works are in important museum collections, they are the recipients of Canada’s highest awards and grants and noted for their community and cultural activism.

CHAC is committed to organizing prestigious exhibitions that draw attention to the achievements of our artists and exhibitions that highlight the important role that Canadian-Hungarian artists play, and have played within Canada’s multicultural tapestry. CHAC creates career-enhancing opportunities where professional exchanges can occur and established artists can become role models and mentors to emerging or more recently arrived immigrants. Within the vast visual arts network in Canada, it becomes particularly valuable for our creators to feel that they are supported by an organization that is like an extended family, an organization that allows its members to take pride and celebrate their ancestry, an organization that promotes careers and sustains those experiencing the impediments inherent in the artistic career.

CHAC‘s goals are to:

  • create educational, collaborative and career-enhancing opportunities between artists in different regions of Canada
  • provide a showcase for Canadian artists of Hungarian descent by organizing prestigious curated group exhibitions across Canada and internationally
  • organize projects which invite community participation and advance the cultural awareness and enrichment of the community as a whole, creating dialogue on the benefits of multiculturalism
  • organizes cultural projects that highlight the achievements of Canadian-Hungarian artists and creates an awareness and appreciation for the contributions that they have made, and the important roles that they play within Canada’s multicultural tapestry
  • assist the career development of emerging and immigrant artists
  • offer members a socially supportive milieu and regular reunions which favor the cultivation of ideas and the continuing appraisal of skills and concepts
  • maintain a web site and data bank for the organization and its members
  • regularly disseminate professional information via bulletins and newsletters
  • organize fund-raising opportunities to accomplish the above goals