Canadian Landscapes

Photography Exhibition in Budapest

A new exhibition of photographs exploring the Canadian Landscape will be sent to Budapest where they will be exhibited at the REGNUM MARIANUM.

The 11 photographers represented in the exhibition are: Alex Brzezinski, Gwylan Goddard, Geza Hermann, Victor Kapas, Anne Kmetyko, Emilia Kun, Rose Szasz, Attila Szell, Gabor Szilasi, Vivian Tors, Steve Zoni. Images include both black and white and colour, digital colour images as well as traditional black and white silver prints.

The nineteen photographs traveling to Budapest celebrate the variety of seasons we all experience in Canada. There are images depicting the natural beauty of snow, rocks, lakes, and sunsets. There are also images showing the intervention by humans in the landscape. The rural towns and hayfields along the St. Lawrence River, the houses and churches, roads, and bridges built over the years to enable people to move around in the landscape. Most of the photographs were made within the provinces of Quebec and New Brunswick since more than half of the photographers had taken part in the Tantramar Photography Workshop directed by Gabor Szilasi in New Brunswick this past summer. One image depicts the newly named territory of Nunavut.

This exhibition of Canadian Landscape Photographs was curated by Anne Kmetyko for the Canadian Hungarian Artists Collective (CHAC) based in Montreal under the direction of Andrea Blanar. Jury members Alex Brzezinski, Anne Kmetyko, and Gabor Szilasi made the selection of nineteen photographs for the exhibition. Forty photographs had been submitted. The REGNUM MARIANUM had requested between fifteen and twenty for their space.

CHAC wishes to thank the director of REGNUM MARIANUM in Budapest for inviting them to organize an exhibition of Canadian images. CHAC also thanks the photographers for their enthusiastic participation and the jury members for their experienced selection duties.