Category: Projects 2005

Reflections: Hongrie-Canada-Hungary

The exhibition commemorated the 50 Year Anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution. The exhibition featured the works of 14 CHAC artists from Quebec, Ontario, and New Brunswick.

Location: Stewart Hall Art Gallery, Pointe-Clair, Québec

Coordinator: Andrea Blanar

Curator: Joyce Millar

Catalog: Joyce Millar


An exhibition at the public gallery, featured the works of 39 CHAC artists from across Canada. his exhibition had a performance segment that included Hungarian descent poets, musicians, and video artists. The opening reception welcomed over 300 guests, the largest numbers ever recorded at this public gallery.

Location: Maison de la Culture, Notre Dame de Grace, Montreal, Québec

Coordinator: Andrea Blanar

Curator: Judith Klugerman

Catalog: Joyce Millar

Tantramar Art Symposium

Held over an 8 day period in New Brunswick, was attended by over 60 participants from Canada and the US. This multifaceted event included workshops, conferences, panel discussions, exhibitions and socials that encouraged cross Canada networking and the exchange of relevant professional information.

Location: Point de Bute Art Center, Struts Gallery, Cape Jourimain Eco Centre, Sackville, New Brunswick.

Coordinator: Andrea Blanar

2005 Workshops:

Andrea Blanar, “Creating a multimedia shrine that celebrates Nature” took place at her summer studio in Point de Bute ( the former United Wesley Church).

Andrea Blanar “Initiation to multimedia constructions for emerging artists and or artists suffering from creative paralysis.

Geza Hermann “Ode to the Land-Site Specific Installations” at Cape Jourimain Eco Centre.

Victor Kapas “Digital Photography Photoshop” at the Fawcett Media Centre, Sackville.

Ghita Levin’s pottery workshop, held in her Baie Verte studios, focused on creating pottery derived from objects in nature.

Gabor Szilasi “ The Aesthetics of Photography” at the Cape Jourimain Eco Centre.

Anna Torma “ Fiber Arts” held at the Point de Bute Community Center.


The public was invited to the exhibitions, the daily evening conferences and to the workshops on “Open House” Days.


CHAC organized 4 exhibitions for the symposium. These were held in Sackville at the Owens Art Gallery, at the Struts Artist Run Center and at the Fog Forest Art Gallery and at the Cape Jourimain Ecocentre. The exhibitions were curated by Janet Crawford, Anna Torma and Ghita Levin.


Evening lectures and panel discussions were open to the public and held at the Owens Art Gallery, at the Struts Gallery and at the Cape Jourimain Eco centre.

The following artists presented:

• Keynote Speaker and Panel Moderator, Doreen Lindsay-Szilasi at the Owens Gallery
and Eve Mc Bride from Chicago
• Elsa Kolansky from New York
• Emilia Kun from Toronto
• Mary Keczan-Ebos from Burlington, Ontario
• Vivian Tors from Ottawa
• Sophie Fekete from Montreal