diefenbunker tunnel

CHAC in the Diefenbunker 2020

Exhibition opens May 2 and closes May 28, 2020

Opening Reception

Saturday, May 9, 2020, from 13:00 to 15:30

Diefenbunker Museum, a National Historic Site
3929 Carp Road
Carp, Ontario, Canada K0A 1L0

Coordinator: Andrea Blanar
Curator: Alex Brzezinski
Curatorial assistants: Judith Klugerman and Brigitta Kocsis

Opening sponsored by our Distinguished Benefactor, Dr. Ódor Bálint, Ambassador of Hungary, in Ottawa

“As Cold War fears gripped the Canadian public in the 1960s, the government secretly constructed a massive underground bunker in the event of nuclear warfare. A relic of the Cold War, this 4-story underground bunker was the epicentre of Canada’s defense against nuclear attack.” (diefenbunker.ca)
Through its exhibitions program and exhibition spaces, this National Historic Site supports local and international artists. It is visited on a regular basis by large numbers of individuals, groups, and schools.”


This hauntingly unusual space is visually intriguing in its every detail. Visiting the venue one cannot forget that many of us, as a result of our histories hold memories, images, and narratives of war, revolution, and immigration. As the facility links us to the history of the cold war, of being refugees or descendants thereof, we asked artists to present projects and or works that either reflects this history or are in keeping with and reactions to the nature of the facility as a historical time capsule and how it may relate to our current times.


Curator: Alex Brzezinski – QC
Curatorial Committee: Andrea Blanar, Julianna Joos, Judith Klugerman, Brigitta Kocsis

Andrew Benyei – ON
Andrea Blanar – QC
Alex Brzezinski – QC
Joseph Bunkoczy – QC
Nina Czekledy – ON
Sofie FeherFekete – QC
Eva Ferenczy Reichmann – QC
Tibor Hargitai – ON
Geza Hermann – QC
Maria Jankovics – QC
Julianna Joos – QC
Suzanne Joos – QC
Tom Kapas – QC
Attila Keszei – ON

MaryKezan Ebos – ON
Judith Klugerman – QC
Brigitta Kocsis – QC
Margareta Mina – QC
Emma Pallay – QC
Sandor Sipos – QC
Sheila Szabo Butler – ON
Andrea Szilasi – QC
Gabor Szilasi – QC
Erika Takacs – ON
Vivian Tors – ON
David Zsako – NB
Agi Zoni – QC

Fundraising for Diefenbunker Project


CHAC would like to express our deepest gratitude to the Hungarian Embassy in Ottawa for their Patronage of this Exhibition.

We also express our sincerest thanks to H.E. Ódor Bálint, the Past Ambassador of Hungary to Canada. We will not forget his continuous interest and support of the cultural endeavors of Canadian-Hungarian Artists’ Collective.

CHAC wishes to thank our Fundraising collaborators Magor Foundation, and the generosity of the many supporters of the Diefenbunker Project.

The Hungarian Embassy in Ottawa
George Lengvari, Montreal, QC
Maria S. Roy, Westmount, QC
Peter Tekker, Ancaster, ON

Magor Foundation, Montreal, QC
Aniko Gaal Schott, Washington, DC

Nicole Doucet, Baie d’Urfé, QC
Hungaria Social Klub, Montreal, QC
Christine Lengvari, Montreal, QC
David and Maria Thomas, Montreal -West, QC
Ronald & Carmella Vincelli Family Foundation, Westmount, QC

Gyula Detre, Montreal, QC
Dr Gordon Balazsi, Mount-Royal, QC
Leslie Jonas, Lac Brome, QC
Nadine & Leslie McLean, Burlington, ON

Beatrix Argeropoulos, Toronto, ON
Ava Couch, Beaconsfield, QC
Andrea de Gosztonyi, Montreal, QC
Teresa Fekete, Laval, QC
Gabor Glasz, Montreal, QC
Karl Heuser, Montreal, QC
Richard Lecoq & Ilona Horvath, Ottawa, ON
Zoltan Palko, Kirkland, QC
Alex Sebe, Montreal, QC
Attila Szell, Boucherville, QC
Karola Waterhouse, Montreal, QC

And many thanks to all of our anonymous donors!