Re:InSitu – Keszthely

Location: Helikon Kastely Muzeum, Hungary

Coordinators: Andrea Blanar and Julia Ciamarra

We (Mary Keczan Ebos, Judith Klugerman and I) managed to get to the exhibition in Szentendre on the last day, the 23rd of August. Judith & Mary took installation photos. The following day, Mary, Miklos Rogan and I supervised the dismounting and the wrapping of the works by the technicians, who did a great job. The transportation company came also to check the packing and to talk to the management. Keszthely couldn’t receive the box until the 31st of August but thanks to Fruzsina, Malom stored it for a week.

The transportation company arrived to the Kastély Múzeum with the crate on August 31st around noon. However, before unpacking everything Annamaria Bernath invited Mary, Judith, Miklos and I for a light lunch in the castle’s dining room.

The technical staff was also very helpful in Keszthely. The workers installed the pieces with Mary’s and Judith’s direction. Miklos and I assisted. By Wednesday late afternoon we were ready. The administration got a DVD player and a small TV for the opening on Saturday to show Yvonne Singer’s work.

We received 5 boxes of wine for the vernissage: 2 from the Canadian Embassy and 3 from different wine makers through Tony Kez, the President of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce. The POGÁCSA was provided by the museum.

Many of our friends came to the reception; first of all Andrea Blanar’s family and friends (13)  came for a wine tasting tour to Balaton: 6 Blanar-Tekker, 2 Mailath, Lengvary, Barbara’s friend J.C. and husband and Sophie Madon’s in-laws.

We must have been 80 all together. Kastély director, Dr. Laszlo Czoma welcomed everyone. Andrea then thanked everyone for the opportunity of having the exhibition in a prestigious place like the Kastely. She also expressed her gratitude for the help of all the supporters who donated time and money and for the assistance of all the different officials. I translated her words into Hungarian. Mary Keczan Ebos thanked the technicians for their help.

There were some reporters from the local media, radio and TV.

It was a nice afternoon, in a very bright museum-like setting as we sampled wines and walked from room to room enjoying the works of a talented group.

From: Julia Ciamarra

(Coordinator of the Keszthely exhibition)

Judith Klugerman and Mary keczan Ebos

Curators (Keszthely exhibition)

Miklos Rogan

(to verify transportation: Szentendre & Keszthely)